Saturday, 27 October 2007

This is my Newest Collection Due out at The Scrapping Garden next week (30th Oct) .
It's a great pack with 8 Stickpins with Glass tops for you to ADD your own picture, photo or even color from the kit you are working on.
I have also included some Ribbon Bows and curled Ribbons for you to color as you please and Decorate the stickpins with.

I have included some Samples in the pack... decorated and colored ready to use.

Keep an eye on MY STORE as they will be out Soon.

Another New Addition to my Store at The Scrapping Garden.
A set of Cardboard sheets and shapes. You can also find some note papers in this pack and a full alpha upper and lower case.
Check out my Cardboard HERE

This pack is Commercial use friendly as well. :)

Check out my Commercial use stuff at The Scrapping Garden. This is a set of rough paper Overlays and some Curled Edges as well. See them here
If you are Lucky you can grab them in the Falloween Sale for 50% off. Now that is a great Deal. :)

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Here is a couple more LO's from my Rainy Day out at Loch Lomond. The weird thing is the LO's seem to have turned out ok Despite the weather. Infact the weather has added to the beauty almost.
Jason had such a great time at the Falls, he was just amazed at them and kept saying they were beautiful and really made his day. He had me a nervous wreck though, as it was very slippy and THAT water was rushing fast, the rapids going down the hill were very fast and loud and i had visions of him slipping in the water and knew there was no way i would get him out again if he did.... So i was forever telling him to stay back and not to go to close to the edge. He had me shouting at one stage as he had my car keys and went to go down a slippy path that if he fell down would have ended up in the water... OR my keys would have. I was glad to get back to the car..... But not before i took some Photo's and discovered when i went to that my Battery had run out....I could have cried. I was not going to go all the way there without at least getting some photo's so off we went back to the car,Taking the top path back away from the water this time and got my spare battery so i could walk all the way back and take some photo's. They turned out not bad at all so it was worth it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Well Here are a couple of LO's i have done with my photo's from Loch Lomond. I must admit i was so looking forward to my trip to Loch Lomond i never thought about it getting ruined by Rain. We arrived and it was all cloudy and just down right The day did eventually brighten up enough for me to get some half decnt picture's though and these are just some of the photo's i got.
The main thing about the Trip is my Son actually enjoyed himself, he never whined or moaned at all until i wouldn't let him buy a pack of pringles at a little store , they were £1.89 and i thought that was just outrageous so he went into a mood for a few miles, till i stopped at a gas station and they were selling them for £1.49 which i thought was ok for a gas station... so i had a happy chappy again. We did have a fun day despite the weather , it just means i have to go back again real soon to get my lovely photo's of the tree's reflecting over the water. :)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I thought i would do a Freebie for you made from my Fallish kit Series , This is a new Stickit and won't be included in the stickit pack for Sale on Tuesday.

If you would like the Stickit. Get it here Now.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

These Stickit's are just gorgeous. Even if i do say so myself. I Love Nature and anything like that.
My son is off school for the next two weeks on some Autumn Break or something like that , and i just can't wait to get away out in the car and up to Loch Lomond to take pics of the trees and Loch, It is something Special up there. The colors in the tree's reflecting over the loch is amazing and it is just so hilly, they roll on for miles and miles, I really do mean MILE's...
keep an eye on this spot as pics will be coming soon.

CoolCat Overlay's

This is my First Commercial use collection. I Love Cat's so it was fitting that i did a cat Collection of Overlays. there is also 10 papers made using the Overlays in this pack.
No credit is required when using these overlays. Just have fun with them.
Check out my COOLCAT pack Here

Fallish Element's

Fallish collection

I have been busy this past month trying to finish up kits and get everything uploaded, Well i finally got caught up and have a few new kit's to Add here today.... as well as a couple more due out on Tuesday next week.

Here is my Fallish Collection...
There is the paper Collection and the Fallish Element collection that does actually have papers with it as well. and last is my Stickit collection that will be out on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A cute kit full of adorable little Dragons and lovely soft colours for all kinds of kiddy LO's.
Kit Includes:
20 background papers
5 frames
3 large torn papers
3 stars
1 button
5 knotted bows
2 ribbon and bows
5 ricrac
7 paperclips
7 assorted studs
2 journaling arrows
8 velvet stickers

Get your FREEBIE of this kit Here

Check out the KIT Here

Framzz , This is my new collection of Frames selling at The Scrapping Garden now. Please check them out HERE. there are also some freebies around if you are interested HERE and if you check out my Color Challenge and Scraplift challenge you will get more freebies. they are new freebies though and you wont get them in the Framzz pack so no duplicates .

This is a huge bag of Frames, there are 30 in all, 12 decorated with Ribbons and all sorts... and 18 plain for you to decorate or use as is. Also included are some Bent staples, tags and ricrac.
Kit Includes:30 Frames
5 Staples , 4 Tags and
1 Ricrac